A new era for Buddy Dive TeK

 A new era for Buddy Dive Tek

This week, our tec coordinator German Arango, better known as Mr. G, is saying goodbye to the Buddy Dive Tek department. This signals the end of an amazing and successful chapter for the tec diving at Buddy Dive. Mr. G  has played a major role in setting up Buddy Dive Tek since 2007 and building it into one of the largest tec dive facilities in the southern Caribbean. In addition, he has made the Buddy Dive Tek events, Bonaire TeK, and Operation CCR very successful for many years. We want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. G for his dedication to Buddy Dive Tek and its many guests.

Buddy Dive Tek has grown enormously in the past years. For this reason, there will not be just one tec coordinator at the helm, but a team of young and passionate tec divers. They will use their passion and broad knowledge to provide full-service tec support, as well as tec courses at different levels. We hereby would like to introduce Anouck and Luc (maybe you know them already!) who will take over Buddy Dive Tek. You can contact them at any time at tekdiving@buddydive.com

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