How to get toBonaire

Bonaire is located about 50 miles off the coast of Venezuela, near Aruba and Curacao. The island is part of the Dutch Caribbean. Bonaire is accessible via several international and local carriers, from Europe, Latin America, and North America. This makes it relatively easy to go to Bonaire for your next dive trip with us! Traveling to Bonaire is possible by flying to Bonaire’s International Airport (BON): Flamingo International Airport.

Flights to Bonaire from North America

United Airlines offers weekly non-stop flights from Newark and Houston. Delta Airlines has two weekly direct flights from Atlanta. Depending upon the demand U.S. carriers may add additional flights to their schedule during high season or decide to withhold services during low season. In that case, you might consider flying via Aruba or Curaçao and from there take a local carrier like Divi Divi or FlyEZAir to Bonaire. For flight details, please contact the airline or your booking agent.
American Airlines announced to maintain their extra flights to Bonaire all year-round from Miami to Bonaire! American is operating the flights with an Airbus A319 aircraft that can provide up to 128 seats for roundtrip service on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday!
Contact American Airlines for more information or to make a reservation.

Flights to Bonaire from Europe

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol serves daily direct flights with TUI or KLM, offering a gateway to other European countries. For routing information and other details, please contact the airline or your booking agent.

Flights to Bonaire from South America

Bonaire does not have direct flights from Latin America. There are many South American national carriers who fly to Aruba or Curacao. Take a daily local carrier like Divi Divi to continue your flight to Bonaire. For more info on flight connections, please contact the airline or your booking agent.

Disclaimer: All information is subject to change without prior notice and no rights can be derived from this information. We recommend that you properly inform yourself about the available flights to and from Bonaire. Despite the fact that we are happy to help you with this, we would like to point out that this is your own responsibility.

Seasonal changes may apply. 

Note: Due to flight cancellations by American Airlines between mid-August and mid-December, we won’t be able to accept reservations for Monday-to-Monday during this period.