Happy Kids, Happy ParentsLearn to dive

At Buddy Dive we welcome you and your kids. Our resort is the perfect place to spend a fun and relaxed family holiday! Have your child explore the beautiful reefs and marine life with an entertaining program while you are out diving, snorkeling or just relaxing.

With the Buddy Kids Club and SASY equipment your child will get his first introduction into diving and the underwater world in a fun, playful and educational way.

A week to remember forever!Kids Sea Camp

Buddy Dive is happy to host multiple Kids Sea Camp weeks every year. Weeks in which fun and educational dive events are combined, resulting in a well-balanced memorable family dive vacation.

Kids Diving at Buddy Dive Bonaire

As PADI 5-star dive center we are bound to certain rules and regulations for the safety of your children. We value these rules and regulations, so we cannot make any exceptions and all activities need parental approval.  

PADI Rules & Regulations: 

  • Kids younger than the age of 8 are not allowed to go underwater 
  • Kids aged 8-10 are allowed to go underwater, but not deeper than 6 ft(2M) in open water/ocean 
  • Kids aged 10-11, who complete the PADI Jr. Open Water Certification are allowed to dive up to 40ft (12m) and only with a certified parent or a dive professional 
  • Kids aged 12-15 who are PADI Jr. Open Water Certified are allowed to go underwater up to 60ft (18m), which is the regular depth of an Open Water certification, but need an adult buddy 
  • Kids up to 16 years old are not allowed to dive unsupervised and need an adult buddy, even if they certified as Junior Open water divers 
  • The PADI Seal Team is a PADI certification, but this doesn’t mean your kids are allowed to dive on their own or with an adult 
  • Kids older than 16 are certified to participate in the regular PADI dive courses and can dive without an adult buddy