Immerse Yourself in the world ofTec Diving

Bonaire TeK 2021
October 2 – October 10, 2021

Are you interested in becoming a safer diver and a better dive buddy? Would you like to try the latest equipment on the market? Maybe even learn something new and become a Tec Diver? This year in October, Buddy Dive Resort will team up once again with Buddy Dive Tek for an exciting week of technical dive demonstrations, presentations, and training. We promise that this event will be inspirational, challenging, and fun for non-technical divers and technical divers alike. Buddy Dive Resort is totally geared up for you to make the most of your tec diving vacation. With a fleet of 6 custom dive boats and a well-stocked ‘Drive Thru’ offering air/nitrox tanks, every diver need can be satisfied. Additionally, new tec diving-related equipment, materials, and fills will be available during the event. For divers that have not experienced Rebreather or Sidemount diving, free demos will be held and educational sessions by leading dive professionals will also be conducted throughout the week.

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German Arango – aka Mr. G
Tec dive coordinator
[email protected]

Bonaire TeK 2019

Special Guests of Bonaire TeK 2019

Michael Thornton

Michael started diving in 1998 and has been an addict ever since. With the age of 15 (!) he became OC Full Cave certified. In 2006 Michael began teaching Technical diving courses around the world through Dive Addicts.
Michael along with his brother, sister and father launched SubGravity in 2014. SubGravity, a technical manufacturer and distributor, emerged out of a desire to safely explore and experience the underwater world in some of the most extreme and demanding environments imaginable. Michel is involved in several ongoing cave exploration projects in Utah and is currently the co-project leader of the Main Drain diving project.

Randy Thornton

Randy Thornton, organizer of TEKDiveUSA, is a CCR Trimix Instructor Trainer and CCR Cave Instructor and serves as a member the TDI Training Advisory Panel. Randy is the owner and CEO of Dive Addicts Inc. a full service dive shop located in Draper, Utah. Additionally, he is the owner of CCRX ( internet forum, and is CEO of SubGravity, a cutting edge manufacturer and distributor of technical diving equipment.

As an instructor trainer and explorer, Randy travels extensively to remote locations around the world. He is possibly best known for his run in with a small North Atlantic Humpback whale (40 tons) that left him with a broken femur and 18 months on crutches!

Lamar Hires
Dive Rite

Dive Rite CEO, Lamar Hires started his diving career in North Florida in 1979. In 1984, the year Dive Rite was established, Lamar earned his open water instructor rating as well as his cave diving instructor rating. He has explored and mapped a number of cave systems in North Florida and around the world. Lamar’s motivation to explore and challenge himself has led to the development of several Dive Rite products and influenced diving techniques, such as sidemount diving. Along with exploration, Lamar has a passion for teaching and passing along his vast knowledge of diving. He actively teaches rebreather, sidemount, cave diving, and a variety of technical diving specialties. His involvement in the diving community has earned him numerous awards and recognitions.

Douglas Eversole

Douglas Ebersole MD, is a cardiologist at Watson Clinic LLP in Lakeland, Florida specializing in coronary and structural heart interventions. He is also an avid technical diver, a cave diver, a CCR trimix instructor, and a cardiology consultant for the Divers Alert Network. His medical background and diving experience gives him a unique perspective on diving physiology.

Ruud Stelten

PhD, a marine archeologist who studied in detail some of the dive spots to be visited during the event.
Discover 400+ years of unknown history that lies under the waters of Bonaire!