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Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire is increasingly focusing on a level of social and environmental sustainability. Even though Bonaire is a small island, we thrive to create a better world together. Therefore a higher efficiency is sought after in all our business decisions.

Bonaire’s nature is stunning, both underwater and topside. We would like to keep it that way, that’s why we focus on corporate social responsibility, sustainability and the attractiveness of the island. For ourselves, but also for the generations to come.

Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire

Since 2012, Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to assisting the natural recovery of Bonaire’s reefs through large-scale active restoration. Supported by research and collaborations worldwide, they use innovative techniques to restore coral species while educating, engaging, and inspiring the community to take action to preserve our reefs.
Buddy Dive Resort has been the founding partner of Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire since its establishment in 2012. The first nurseries and transplantation sites as well as the first office were at Buddy Dive Resort. Also, the first trained staff, volunteers, and teaching of Reef Renewal specialty courses took place at Buddy Dive Resort. We are a proud partner of this progressive and inspiring foundation

The Bonaire Bond

In 2022 Tourism Corporation Bonaire initiated the Bonaire Bond. The Bonaire Bond is a pledge, that all visitors to Bonaire can sign. In this pledge, you show your commitment to the sustainable use of ocean resources, and your respect for Bonaire’s culture, animals, and national parks. You promise to be eco-conscious and be a friend to the island. Tourism Corporation Bonaire will adopt a coral nursery tree from Reef Renewal Bonaire on behalf of the people who signed the Bonaire Bond. We motivate all of our guests to sign the Bonaire Bond and commit to using our island’s resources in a sustainable manner.

Water Purification System

You can drink water from the tap during your stay at Buddy Dive Resort. Buddy Dive uses a water purification system for desalination, one of the few rainfall-independent water sources for human use. Desalination is a process that extracts salt and minerals from ocean water using reverse osmosis. So bring your reusable water bottle and stay hydrated!

Reduce water and electricity consumption

We try to make our guests aware of unnecessary water and electricity wastage in our rooms. Because you can help as well. Please turn of your air-conditioning and lights when leaving the room. Place your towels on the rack to re-use them or place them on the floor for laundry.


The invasive Lionfish are harming native coral reef systems in the Caribbean waters. Many reef fish are threatened in their natural environment. In order to keep the fish population balanced, we hunt the Lionfish during dive trips and offer a Lionfish hunter specialty course. Bring in your own caught Lionfish between 3pm to 5 pm at Blennies Restaurant and we will clean and cook it to perfection to enjoy it for dinner the same day!


Buddy Dive Resort is the second company on the island that started using a compactor to process and separate their waste in an efficient and sustainable way. The container can process plastic, cardboard, and residual waste and makes it easy to remove waste in a hygienic and efficient way.
The food leftovers from the restaurants are picked up every day and brought to the local farmers. They use this to feed their cattle. In addition, selling or giving away disposable plastic carrier bags, stirrers, straws, cutlery and polystyrene meal containers is not allowed on Bonaire.  Our take-out boxes at the restaurants are biodegradable and we use eco-friendly bags in our shops. This reduces waste significantly. For cleaning and laundry, we use biodegradable products.


Stinapa (Stichting Nationale Parken) Bonaire was established in 1962 to protect all nature reserves in and around Bonaire. It is STINAPA’s mission to preserve and keep the natural, cultural, and historical heritage of Bonaire. In order to do so, scuba divers, snorkelers, and other water activity participants are obliged to buy a (digital) STINAPA Nature Tag before they enter the waters of Bonaire. It is mandatory for all users of the marine park to comply with the Marine Park Rules. We at Buddy Dive Resort adhere to and motivate our guests to adhere to the Marine park rules.

Community Involvement

This is how Your Buddies on Bonaire contribute to a better Bonaire for everyone by involving the community.

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