In loving memory ofMurphyn Henar


On November 26, 2019, we said goodbye to our beloved “Dive Legend” Murphyn Henar. Murph worked as a Dive Master for Buddy Dive Resort from 1993 until his passing in 2019. He was well known for his ever-bright mood, endless patience, and great knowledge of diving on Bonaire. He left an unforgettable impression and he was a mentor for many team members. He was (and still is) a true icon on Bonaire and everyone who met him has got a special memory of Murph.


To honor his spirit and keep the memories alive, Buddy Dive Resort established the Murphyn Henar Foundation in 2021. The mission of the Murphyn Henar Foundation is to give young adults on Bonaire the opportunity of a job in the dive industry. By training these young people, who might not have the funds to do so themselves, we want to create a future for them in the thriving dive industry on Bonaire. This way, we continue Murphyn his role within the Bonaire society. The role of a mentor who passes on his knowledge about diving on Bonaire with great passion end enthusiasm. To accomplish this mission we hope to join forces with other members of the dive industry on Bonaire. We hope more dive shops will become supporters of the Murphyn Henar Foundation by giving training in their facilities and carrying out the message of the foundation to its guests.

The Program

How does the foundation put this into practice? First the candidates get selected by youth center “Jong Bonaire”. After a Discover Scuba Session to see if diving is a fit, the program starts with the PADI Open Water Course. Besides all courses necessary to become a Dive Master, the students will go through an extensive training program to give them the best possible preparation for a dive job on Bonaire.

The students need to make a number of dives to gain experience and get to know everything about diving on Bonaire. They will join the boats of Buddy dive Resort and other Murphyn Henar Foundation partner dive shops to see how the daily operation of the dive shop works. The students get trained in equipment and tank maintenance, hospitality, and guest management and they do a number of adventure dives such as fish ID, peak performance buoyancy and Reef Renewal and they will participate in clean-up dives. When the students finish the program, you will have a hard time finding dive masters with more knowledge, skills, and passion about/ for the underwater world of Bonaire.

What can you do to help?

When donating to the Murphyn Henar Foundation you are helping to give Bonaire a better future. Your donation directly ensures education and a professional future for young adults on Bonaire, who will be able to provide for their families upon completion of this program. Having more local people involved with the diving industry of Bonaire helps establish love and respect for the beautiful nature of Bonaire. It instills a more profound sense of pride for Bonaire and its natural resources, and the importance of the community’s involvement and responsibility to protect it actively. All of these values help and strengthen the vision of Bonaire to be and remain a Blue Destination.

Big or small, any amount you wish to donate is very much appreciated and will be used to help purchase student materials, provide instruction and begin the scuba diving journey from Zero to Hero for selected candidates.