Time to meet your fellows underwater withEric Riesch

Join us for a week full of fun, presentations, and guided dives to learn about life on the reefs and the underwater fauna. Marine Life Education, set up and supported by Fish ID expert Eric Riesch. His presentations will focus on marine life identification and reef fish behavior with an emphasis on species found right off the dock at the resort. Activities include Fish ID classes and REEF surveyor dives, a guided mangrove snorkel tour, presentations, Guided Fish ID boat dives and more!

The second diver dives for free and you will receive a discount on the Reef ID books.

Travel Period: August 10 – 24, 2024

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*There is limited availability on the guided dives & mangrove snorkel, so sign-up at Buddy Dive Resort is required. For the mangrove snorkel please sign up at the dive shop. Transport is not included. A minimum of 4 people joining the guided dive or mangrove snorkel applies.
For guests with pre-booked boat dive packages, these dives are part of the package and will count toward the total dives.

To find out more about Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) Volunteer Fish Survey Project, visit www.REEF.org/vfsp

Eric Riesch about Marine Life Education at Buddy Dive Resort

I am excited to be hosting the Marine Life Education Program at Buddy Dive again this year! This is my second year hosting the program that began with Ned and Anna DeLoach as hosts in 2002. I try to make it a FUN week starting with a topside presentation focused on fish, creatures, and behaviors you can see right off the dock, a few simple intro to Fish ID classes during the week, a couple of guided boat dives to look for species with Buddy Dive guides and a mid-week mangrove snorkel to get into a different habitat and see some new stuff. This year I am adding a little night diving and coral/invertebrate spawning to my presentation and encouraging divers to take a dusk dive and/or night dive off the dock.

Buddy Dive has a fantastic staff that is keenly aware of the importance of marine life education and how much that adds to keeping divers active for many years. I have met divers that have been diving more than 40 years and still smile ear to ear getting in the water, in hopes of seeing a new species or behavior they have never seen.

Eric Riesch

Eric Riesch is the photo editor and managing director of New World Publications, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida. Riesch has been making underwater photographs for more than 20 years during trips to Indonesia, the Philippines, Galapagos Islands, and throughout the Caribbean. He has traveled annually to Buddy Dive Resort in Bonaire since 2005.

Marine Life education
Join us for a week full of fun, presentations and guided dives to learn about life on the reefs and the underwater fauna.
Receive -
Second Diver Dives for Free and  a discount on the Reef ID books.

Travel Period:
August 10 –  August 24, 2024.

Use promo code: MARINE
Marine Life Education