Buddy Dive Watersports

Buddy Dive Watersports can be found at multiple locations on the island, servicing guests on our resort, guests staying at private rental homes, and those who visit Bonaire for a day by cruise.

Buddy Dive Watersports combines the best of both worlds; the extensive knowledge, resources, and facilities of Bonaire’s top drive operation, while providing divers personal attention from the friendly dive staff that will become the familiar faces guests are greeted by on their next visit.

Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire and Belmar Oceanfront Apartments offer a Buddy Dive dive shop on-premises that is managed by dedicated staff on-site, Your Scuba Store is a Buddy Dive satellite shop located just out of town. All members of the Buddy Dive family are a PADI 5-star resort, Universal Referral dive center, as well as a DAN business member. Our stores also offer everything to divers who are not staying at our resorts like dive tanks, equipment rental, courses, and guided dives.

Buddy Dive has the reputation of keeping the needs of divers in mind, making it easy, comfortable, and convenient for them. That’s why you will find a dive (retail) shop, gear room, classroom, and rental room at all our resorts. Bonaire’s beautiful reefs are only a ‘giant stride away from your room, making it convenient for you to enjoy ultimate diving freedom.

The PADI 5-star Career Development Center is located on the premises of Buddy Dive Resort together with the famous Drive-Thru air and Nitrox fill station. Those who would like to begin scuba diving or continue their dive education can visit our PADI 5-star Academy, where experienced dive instructors are ready to assist you to improve your skills and knowledge.

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