Diveshop liability forms


Great news! You have booked your vacation to Buddy Dive Resort! To make your check-in procedure in the dive shop run smoothly you can find your liability forms here.

Below you find the buttons to four forms that you can fill out and submit easily online. Important note: It is mandatory to fill out these forms prior to arrival to prevent cueing at the dive shop or anywhere else. If you need any help filling out these forms, please feel free to contact the dive shop at retailstore@buddydive.com. We are more than willing to give you a helping hand.

If you are diving with us please click the button below. NOTE: If you are not a certified diver yet and you are taking a course during your stay, please fill out the liability form for OW students instead of this form.

If you are NOT a certified diver yet but if you are taking a course (like the PADI open water course or referral) during your stay, please fill out this liability form.  NOTE: If you are taking the course with an instructor you are traveling with, please have him or her sign the form under his/her name in the box that says: signature certifying instructor.

If you are not diving with us but will do activities including snorkeling through Buddy Dive, please click the button to fill out our Activity liability form. If you are diving with us the diver’s liability form is sufficient

If you are following one of our courses, please make sure to complete and bring along the medical form. NOTE: A printed physical copy of the form is required.