Underwater photography workshops with Buddy Dive X Lorenzo Mittiga

Are you a passionate underwater photographer? Or would you like to improve your underwater photography skills? Then take this opportunity to learn from the best!

Buddy Dive Resort and renowned and awarded underwater photographer Lorenzo Mittiga join forces and organize small-scale underwater photography workshops. During these weeks there is an interesting and intensive program in which Lorenzo will share his years of experience and skills with you.
Every day there are lectures and dives with an emphasis on getting to know your personal camera system and making the most of it.

About Lorenzo

Lorenzo Mittiga 53, from Italy, is one of the world’s leading underwater photographers. He has been taking underwater photos since he was 15 years old and has worked as an underwater photographer/videographer since 1996. He worked as an underwater cameraman for Discovery Channel, SKY Tv, Universal Pictures, and Walt Disney. He dives and photographs all around the world and has more than 6500 professional dives.

His photos have won many awards including Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, Ocean Geographic Magazine, Through the lens Scuba Diving Magazine, Underwater World Shootout, The big Picture of California Science Academy, and many others. He won the National Geographic Portfolio Review 2018 and the Ocean Geographic Photo Journalist Award of excellence 2021.

Recently he was published on The NY Times (just the 6th of June) and on June 8th, 2022 he won the OceanGeographic OGPICOTY 2022 “Music and Pictures” Award of Excellence!

About the Underwater Photography workshops

Lorenzo’s workshops are aimed at different levels and are typically intensive, he always tries and packs as much in as possible. Throughout the week, Lorenzo will share his experience, personal guidance, and assistance, with an emphasis on getting to know your personal camera system and using it to its maximum potential.

The photo week includes:

  •  4 Class lectures (Technical skills, light & strobe use, composition, post-processing)
  • Photos reviews and tips
  • 12 Boat dives (wide-angle; macro; natural light; strobes etc.)
  • 3 House reef dives (check-dive; practice dive; night dive)


  • Own underwater camera equipment (mandatory)
  • Own laptop or iPad for post-processing and photo reviews (preferably with Adobe LightRoom or Photoshop installed)
  • Scuba diving certification
  • Good buoyancy control
  • A minimum of 2 participants is required

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