We care aboutCommunity Involvement

Your Buddies on Bonaire care about community involvement. We value taking good care of our environment, passing on a beautiful world to the next generation and providing this generation with opportunities for a bright future. Tourism is one of Bonaire’s main sources of income and provides many jobs to the community of Bonaire. We as a diving resort are happy that Bonaire welcomes so many guests every day and we value Bonaire to be a great place to visit as well as a great place to live. This is how Your Buddies on Bonaire contribute to a better Bonaire for everyone by involving the community.

MHF students

Murphyn Henar Foundation

On November 26, 2019, we said goodbye to our beloved “Dive Legend” Murphyn Henar. Murph worked as a Dive Master for Buddy Dive Resort from 1993 until his passing in 2019. He was well known for his ever-bright mood, endless patience, and great knowledge of diving on Bonaire. He left an unforgettable impression on everyone he met and he was a mentor for many team members.

The mission of the Murphyn Henar Foundation is to honor Murphyn’s great spirit and memory by giving young adults on Bonaire the opportunity to learn to dive. By training these young people, who might not have the funds to do so themselves, we want to create a future for them in the diving industry.


MBO Bonaire @ Buddy Dive Resort

Every Thursday students from MBO Bonaire become part of the Buddy Dive team to learn what it is like to work in the hospitality industry. The students are gaining experience and helping the teams with the daily operation of the resort. They work in every department to gain experience and knowledge, allowing them to find a career that suits them. Since tourism is one of Bonaire’s main sources of income, we are happy to let the new generation learn from our great team, so that they can start their career with a load of experience.

Ride for the roses

Walk for the Roses

Every January, Walk, Ride Swim for the Roses takes place. The Ride for the Roses is organized to raise money for the Cancer Fund Bonaire. During this yearly event, everyone on Bonaire can show solidarity with cancer patients and their loved ones by walking, swimming, surfing or cycling a particular route. It is a large and well-attended event on the island and Your Buddies on Bonaire is happy to contribute to this good cause. Buddy Dive Resort sponsors the initiative by buying tickets for every staff member that wants to participate in the event. Many team members contributed to raising a good amount for the cancer fund.

Voedselbank 2

Sponsor of Banko di Kuminda Rincon

Buddy Dive Resort is a sponsor of Banko di Kuminda in Rincon – the Rincon Foodbank. We sponsor the foodbank, which provides food packages to the ones who do not have enough money to pay for their daily groceries. By sponsoring the foodbank, we hope to help improve the general living environment on the island and to give the less fortunate a helping hand.


Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire is increasingly focusing on a level of social and environmental sustainability. Even though Bonaire is a small island, we thrive to create a better world together. Find out what we do to operate sustainably.