10th Edition Bonaire TeK at Buddy Dive Resort

The first week of October Buddy Dive Resort hosted the 10th edition of Bonaire TeK. Bonaire TeK is the largest technical diving event in the Caribbean. During the event, technical divers and the ones interested in tec diving can enjoy demos and try-outs with the newest equipment on the market, presentations from renowned names in the industry, and lots of exciting and fun tec dives.

Buddy Dive TeK coordinator German “Mr. G.” Arango about the 10th edition of Bonaire TeK:
Bonaire TeK 10th Anniversary celebration was absolutely amazing. It was great to be able to reconnect our Tech community through the event after such a difficult 2020. Everybody was happy and excited, including us at BuddyTeK. I am particularly proud because this year we were able to associate the event with scientific research performed by Divers Alert Network team of doctors so we are not only providing a great place for diving but also giving back to the community in form of data to a better understanding of our profiles and decompression and ultimately make our dives safer.
Looking forward to BonaireTeK 2022.

Check out the official event video by Lorenzo Mittiga here: https://youtu.be/zjaLk87qIF0

Make sure to join Bonaire TeK 2022 from September 24 – October 1st, 2022, and contact our reservations department to make your reservations.

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