Buddy Dive Resort presents… Buddy Dive thru the Lens 2024

Capturing Bonaire’s underwater wonders: Buddy Dive Resort presents: “Buddy Dive Thru the Lens” Underwater Photography Event


Also in 2024, Buddy Dive Thru the Lens will be hosted again at Buddy Dive Resort, this time from August 24th – 31st. Buddy Dive Thru the Lens is an underwater photography week with many options for (new) underwater photographers to develop their skills! Dive enthusiasts and photography lovers are invited to immerse themselves in the mesmerizing beauty of Bonaire’s underwater world at the much anticipated “Buddy Dive Thru the Lens” photography event, hosted by Buddy Dive Resort. Set against the backdrop of the Caribbean’s most renowned diving destination, this event promises an unparalleled opportunity to capture and celebrate the stunning marine life and vibrant ecosystems that make Bonaire a diver’s paradise.

Buddy Dive Resort is thrilled to host ‘Buddy Dive Thru the Lens’, providing a platform for photographers to capture the unparalleled beauty of Bonaire’s underwater world. Through this event, we aim to celebrate the rich biodiversity and conservation efforts of Bonaire while fostering a deeper appreciation for underwater photography.

During Buddy Dive Thru the Lens, underwater photographers can indulge themselves in various activities:

  • Underwater Photography Workshops: Led by professional photographers, participants will have the chance to enhance their underwater photography skills, from mastering composition techniques to post-processing tips.
  • PADI Underwater Photography Specialty: During the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course, students learn all the ins and outs of taking that perfect shot! Avoid beginner mistakes and get all the best with tips from the pros. Learn how to use underwater lights (strobes), how to avoid backscatter, and enhance the colors of your images.
  • Dedicated Boat Dives: Join the photography-dedicated boat dives. Our photo pros will take you to the best dive sites where you can go all out and take great shots with like-minded underwater photographers.
  • Evening Presentations: Gain insights and inspiration from captivating presentations by renowned underwater photographers, sharing their experiences and showcasing their stunning work.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow underwater photography enthusiasts, exchange tips and tricks, and forge lasting friendships in a vibrant and supportive community.

Would you like to join this extraordinary week dedicated to photography? Mark your calendars for August 24 – 31, 2024! For more information and bookings visit Buddy Dive Thru the Lens – Buddy Dive Bonaire or contact info@buddydive.com.  You can also see the entire schedule here.

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