Buddy Dive presents: “Marine Life Education” 2024

Attention Divers: Buddy Dive Presents “Marine Life Education”2024

We’re excited to extend our invitation to you for our exceptional Marine Life Education event, offering an immersive exploration of the wonders beneath the waves. Buddy Dive Resort, in collaboration with Fish ID expert Eric Riesch, is proud to host exclusive Marine Life Education weeks from August 10th to August 24th, 2024.

This event aims to captivate divers of all skill levels by delving into the captivating realm of marine biology and ecology. Throughout the week, we’ll provide a series of enriching workshops, informative lectures, and exhilarating diving excursions, all designed to deepen your understanding of the ocean and its inhabitants.

Meet Eric Riesch:

Join Fish ID expert Eric Riesch and our experienced guides and instructors as they lead diving expeditions to Bonaire’s most awe-inspiring sites. You’ll have the opportunity to marvel at various coral formations, encounter an array of fish, turtles, and other marine life. Plus, our marine biologists will be on hand to assist you in identifying different species and comprehending their behaviours and habitats.

Special Offer:

During Marine Life Education, not only will you immerse yourself in Bonaire’s underwater wonders, but you’ll also enjoy a 50% discount on diving when booking a Drive & Dive package at Buddy Dive Resort*.

Join Us:

We invite you to partake in this extraordinary experience, where your love for diving merges seamlessly with a deeper appreciation for the sea and its inhabitants. Reach out to us for further details and secure your spot for the Marine Life Education Weeks at Buddy Dive Resort.

Come join us for a week filled with excitement, insightful presentations, and expert-led dives, all aimed at unraveling the mysteries of reef life and underwater fauna. Marine Life Education, curated and supported by Fish ID expert Eric Riesch, promises engaging activities such as Fish ID classes, REEF surveyor dives, guided mangrove snorkel tours, presentations, Guided Fish ID boat dives, and more!

* Visit our rates and specials page for the terms and conditions

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