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Buddy Dive TeK wurde 2007 geöffnet, mit der Mission, hochwertige technische Unterstützung und Training an seine Kunden und die Gäste von Buddy Dive und auf Bonaire anzubieten. Mit dem ausgiebigen Fachwissen und der Leidenschaft des German Arango, auch „Mr. G“ genannt, hat sich Buddy Dive Tek in die größte Institution für technisches Tauchen in der Karibik entwickelt. Buddy Dive Tek ist stolz darauf, die einzige Einrichtung in der Karibik zu sein, die die GUE-Instruktion durch Mr. G anbietet.

“Buddy Dive TeK is proud to be the only facility in the Caribbean offering GUE instruction.”

Das Team von Buddy Dive TeK verkörpert einen Reichtum an technischem Fachwissen und Zertifikationen aus allen Feldern des Tauchens: GUE, NAUI und PADI. Mit einem voll funktionstüchtigen technischen Support-Dienst; umfangreichem Ausrüstungsverleih und technischem Training bis zum Tauchlehrerniveau, einschließlich Adapter & Trimix, bietet Buddy Dive Tek alles was Sie brauchen.

Der unbändige Geist von Abenteuer und Neugier der enthusiastischen weltweiten Tauchgemeinde sorgt dafür, dass die Tauchbranche immer weiter nach vorne schreitet. Wir bei Buddy Dive finden Freude daran, stets die neuesten Fortschritte im technischen Tauchen in einer sicheren und freundlichen Umgebung für Tec Diving Bonaire zu bieten.

“Ich kann mir keinen besseren Ort oder keine bessere Taucheinrichtung vorstellen, an die ich meine Tec Diving-Schüler bringen könnte”
Carlos Peña Herrera / Tec Diving Instructor.

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German Arango – aka Mr. G
Tec dive coordinator

CCR Friendly

Buddy Dive Tek is a 100% rebreather friendly facility. Our facility has a large stock of different size rebreather cylinders, different types of CO2 absorbent available and provided a state-of-the-art filling station with 2 booster pumps capable of reaching high pressure fills of Oxygen and TRIMIX. Our 100% Rebreather friendly facility also comes with staff trained in different CCR units like the JJ CCR, the X-CCR and the O2ptima CCR. All of this is always in stock!

Open Circuit

Diving doubles or Sidemount? No problem, we can provide the necessary equipment for these styles of diving; backplates with Harness, Wings, Regs, spools, DSMB’s, and more.

Technical Diving Courses

At Buddy Dive Tek we offer a large variety of technical diving courses. Try-out sessions for those who are not qualified yet and more advanced courses for those who want to extend their knowledge. We can offer GUE, NAUI and PADI programs from student level all the way up to the instructor level. Courses can be taught in English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.

Global Underwater Explorers – GUE

GUE is committed to developing safe, skilled and knowledgeable divers (recreational and technical). The GUE system stands for the highest quality of diving education by teaching solid fundamental skills. Most difficulty in diving relates to poorly developed basic skills such as good buoyancy control and effective gas sharing techniques and the use of inefficient equipment. This could cause unnecessary exhaustion, stress and degradation of the dive site, even for the more experienced diver. By emphasizing solid fundamental diving skills, GUE training provides greater enjoyment and safeguards the integrity of the fragile marine ecosystems.

Diving with a DPV

Would you like to see a lot of underwater territory in a brief amount of time? Scoot yourself through the water without kicking with a Diver Propulsion Vehicle. Whether making a shore dive or diving from a boat, DPV’s offer a thrilling way to see more and have a blast doing it. DPV’s especially come in handy while wreck diving, as they let you tour more of the wreck and reduce your air consumption.

Blending Station

Our blending station is located at the Buddy Dive Drive Thru. Here we can fill our tec diving tanks and prepare custom blends at the desire of our guests. Our technical diving staff is qualified as gas and TRIMIX blenders from PADI, thus keeping the safety standards at the highest possible level. We can deliver all types of O2 and TRIMIX blends you ask for, as well as standard GUE gases; 21/35 – 18/45 – 15/55.

Equipment Rental

At Buddy Dive Tek we offer a large variety of technical diving equipment for rent. From various cylinders for diving sidemount our doubles and rebreather to regulators, rigs & DPV’s.