Your Buddies Know Before You Go 2021

Your Buddies – Know before you go 2021

As of January 16, the flight ban to Bonaire is lifted. This means that you can finally book your stay at Buddy Dive Resort and enjoy the vacation you deserve. Needless to say, your buddies on Bonaire are ready for you and cannot wait to welcome you again.

Before traveling to Bonaire, we want to inform you of the requirements for traveling to and from Bonaire. That is why we’ve created Your Buddies – Know before you go.

Before arrival on Bonaire:

  • When traveling to Bonaire, it is mandatory to have a negative PCR-test result, not older than 72 hours before arrival on Bonaire. This applies to people 13 years and older. It is also mandatory to fill out a health declaration form. The form can be found on
  • Additionally,  you need to take an antigen rapid test within 4 hours before departure. In case of a stopover with an overnight stay, the test needs to be taken at the location of your last stop with an overnight in a high-risk country.
  • The negative results of both tests need to be known before departure.
  • The Health declaration form and test result need to be shown at check-in, boarding, and arrival on Bonaire.

 Important information to know:

If guests have been vaccinated against COVID-19, they can still be a COVID carrier, therefore having a negative PCR-test result upon entry into Bonaire and negative antigen test upon re-entry into the United States is still required. When the rules for vaccinated passengers change, Buddy Dive will send updated information.

Before departure to the USA:

  • Before departure to the USA, you need to test for COVID-19. Buddy Dive resort offers on-site antigen rapid tests. The test is required for everybody that is above two years of age.
  • You’ll receive an official travel document from the laboratory with your test result.
  • Buddy Dive Resort makes the appointment for your test. During your stay, you’ll receive a message about when you’ll need to take the test. The test is conducted on the resort 72 hours prior to your departure to the US.
  • The costs for the antigen rapid test are $ 75 per person and will be charged to your room.
  • All the procedures will follow the guidelines set by the Central for Disease Control and Prevention. More information can be found on
  • In case you prefer to arrange the test yourself, please contact the front desk as soon as possible to inform them you will not need to be scheduled for the antigen test by them.

In case of a positive test result:

  • Buddy Dive Resort will arrange a same day PCR-test to exclude a false positive test. ($ 150 per person at the expense of the client, charged to the room)
  • In case the PCR-test will also result in a positive result Buddy Dive will have to communicate the results to the local authorities. They will decide the conditions and duration of the mandatory quarantine. Normally people that have tested positive have to remain free from symptoms for 24 hours before they are allowed to leave quarantine. Please note that the result of the PCR-test may take 48 to 72 hours.
  • Buddy Dive will provide accommodation at Buddy Dive Resort free of charge for guests who booked a Drive & Dive package. This is based on availability and for the duration of the mandatory quarantine. The length of it is decided by the Public Health Department of Bonaire. Taxes, meals, and beverages are at the guests’ own expense.
  • In case there is no accommodation available, Buddy Dive will help to find suitable accommodation elsewhere on the island at the guests’ own expense.
  • We strongly recommend taking travel insurance that covers these expenses.

Flexible booking policy and cancellation policy:

Our Flexible Booking policy offers guests the opportunity to book for travel now through May 2021 with ZERO deposit required.

  • A credit card is required at the time of booking. The full balance needs to be received 24 hours prior to the date of arrival.
  • Guests may reschedule travel through May 2021 without change fees, subject to hotel availability. Certain exceptions and differences in rate may apply.
  • Reservations may be canceled, up to 24 hours prior to the arrival date, with no penalty in case guests can show at least one positive COVID-19 test for their household.
  • Cancellations within 24 hours of the arrival date are subject to the regular cancellation policy.

If, after reading this file, you have any questions or concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us – We are here for you.


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