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Your Buddies choice: The all Inclusive IDC 

When choosing the All-inclusive IDC package at Buddy Dive Resort, you’ll have everything you might need to become a professional, well-educated scuba instructor. Your Buddies will take care of everything. Your (shared) accommodation, meals, materials, the course itself (including EFR instructor and Emergency Oxygen provider course), the instructor applications and the Instructor examination.
After booking this package there is nothing else you’ll have to think of except focusing on studying, practicing, and having lots of fun with your fellow IDC candidates and course directors.

Duration: 2 weeks
Price: $3.295

IDC Complete 

When booking the IDC complete you book everything you need for your instructor course. The materials, the course (including EFR instructor & Emergency Oxygen provider course), the instructor applications, and the instructor examination are included. You will not have to arrange any of this. The only things not included are accommodation and meals.

Duration: 2 weeks
Price: $2.795

IDC Basic 

The IDC basic covers the instructor development course (also EFR) and the materials. Be aware that you’ll have to pay and arrange the instructor application and examination before you can become an instructor and start teaching.

Duration: 2 weeks
Price: $1.650

Item Necessary IDC All-inclusive
IDC Complete
IDC Basic
IDC materials (crew pack) Yes Included Included Included
EFR Instructor manuals Yes Included Included Included
Instructor Examination Yes Included Included X
Instructor Application Yes Included Included X
EFR Instructor application Yes Included Included X
Emergency Oxygen provider Materials No Included Included X
Shared accommodation and 3 meals per day – 14 nights No Included X X
IDC tuition fee Yes Included Included Included
EFR Instructor tuition fee Yes Included Included Included
Emergency Oxygen provider tuition fee No Included Included X

Other Pro Packages

This package is offered 6 times a year the week before our IDCs. Make it easy on yourself and fully focus on this fun and demanding course which is your first step into the world of PADI professionals!

Please contact our course director or reservations department for more information:coursedirector@buddydive.com – reservations@buddydive.com

Duration: 7 – 8 days
Price: $ 1295

Package includes:
Divemaster course E-learning, Divemaster materials, shared accommodation, and 3 meals a day. The package does not include the PADI fee for your Divemaster application.

Learn at one of the best dive operations in the world and become a PADI Divemaster on Bonaire. After completing the Divemaster course, you will (temporarily) become part of the Buddy Dive dive team and work as a Divemaster in paradise for 1,5 months. You will receive an internship compensation of $500 per month and on your days off, you will get to dive for free.

Please contact our course directors for more information: coursedirector@buddydive.com

Duration: 14 days + 1,5 month internship
Price: $ 925

Package includes:

Divemaster course E-learning, Divemaster materials, coverage by the BuddyDive internship liability insurance
The package does not include the PADI fee for your Divemaster application and DAN professional insurance.

Just meeting the prerequisites for the PADI Divemaster Course alone is a great accomplishment. By the time you are ready to enroll in the Divemaster Course, you have learned a great deal about diving through training and practical experience. The Divemaster Course elevates your knowledge and experience to a level that is expected from a diving professional. By earning the PADI Divemaster certification, you will have taken your first solid step into diving’s leadership ranks.

Duration: 5 days
Price: $750 (including online PADI fee)

The teaching skills you will develop during the PADI Assistant Instructor Course will allow you to independently conduct several PADI Programs and with some further training from the PADI Course Director, you can also teach non-diving specialty courses. Assistant Instructors are Dive Educators who assist with the knowledge development of the student. Taking the PADI Assistant Instructor Course will take you one step closer to becoming a PADI Open Water Instructor.

Duration: 4 days
Price: On request

As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, you are a more versatile and more valuable dive instructor. To become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer you need to have at least 25 certifications and 5 PADI specialty instructor certifications. With this certification, you will definitely get the most out of your profession as a diving instructor. We don’t have a fixed program, like many other IDC centers. We tailor the program as much as possible to your needs and wishes, so you can teach the specialties most valuable to you.

This all-inclusive package is offered 6 times a year following the IDCs. It is possible to follow the MSDT program in other weeks, but not as an all-inclusive package.

Contact our course director for more information: coursedirector@buddydive.com

Duration: 7 days
Price: All-inclusive package: $ 1675 –  Program only: $ 1175

All-inclusive Package includes: 5 Specialty Instructor courses  + free Nitrox Instructor course, PADI fees for your Specialty Instructor Applications, shared accommodation, and 3 meals a day, use of tanks, and basic rental equipment. The package does not include the rental of specialty equipment like sidemount gear, dry suit, etc.

Take the next step in your career and become an IDC staff instructor. Buddy Dive Resort offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and share your love for the PADI Instructor profession. During this training, you will learn to assist Instructor Development Courses and transfer your knowledge and passion to the next generation of PADI Instructors.

To participate in this training you must already be a Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Duration: 14 days
Price: $1500

Package includes: IDC Staff e-learning materials and IDC Staff / Course Director slates, shared accommodation, and 3 meals a day.

Are you a Bonaire Local? Contact us to request your local rates.