Become a PADI Scuba Instructor atBuddy dive academy

Are you dreaming of a career in the dive industry? No better way to start than on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, shore diving capital of the world! 

Buddy Dive Resort is not only well renowned as one of the top dive destinations in the Caribbean, but it has been hosting Instructor Development Courses since 2010. As one of the best PADI professional dive training facilities worldwide, Buddy Dive Academy is the right place for you. We maintain very high standards in all levels of scuba education, which will help you succeed as a PADI Professional Instructor. 

Buddy Dive Academy provides career-oriented training to prepare dive professionals for employment in the dive industry. We are proud to be the only PADI Career Development Center (CDC) in the southern Caribbean. By consistently teaching PADI Instructor Development Courses (IDC), and with the wealth of experience from our Course Directors, we adhere to the highest level of standards to train our candidates. With more than 600 professional certifications done here at Buddy Dive Resort and a 100% success rate on our IDCs, this is just the best choice for you to do your professional training. As PADI CDC we offer job placement in Bonaire and surrounding islands in the Caribbean. 

We have 2 course directors on staff, Jose Mastropaolo, better known as Pepe, who has been conducting IDC’s since 2010. His skills, experience, and knowledge are reflected by the fact that he has been awarded the title of platinum course director by PADI, the highest honors a course director can receive. He is joined by recently certified course director Lars Bosman, who is also an avid cave, technical and CCR diver and heavily involved in the Reef Renewal Foundation. 

It is very hard to find another place where all you need is at hand. Just jump off the dock at Buddy Dive Resort or make a short boat ride or short drive by car to get to your dive spot. There are multiple classrooms available on the premises. All you have to do is to show up and become the best you can be! Even if you want to blow some bubbles after a day at the IDC, you simply strap on a tank and just enjoy our beautiful house reef. 

Are you ready to live the life that you’ve been dreaming of as a PADI Instructor? Would you like to pass on your knowledge to the next generation of divers? 

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Jose ‘Pepe’ Mastropaolo
Lars Bosman

Course Directors


PADI IDC Program

Buddy Dive Academy Instructor candidates are successful because of our passion and devotion for diving and teaching. Our PADI IDC is a life changing experience. To guarantee first time passing rate on the Instructor Exam (IE) our PADI Instructor Development Course is a 9-day program plus an additional day for the Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor Course. Our PADI Course Director and Staff will provide 1-on-1 guidance and personal attention during the entire program.

Free IDC Preparation Course

During the first days we start with the FREE preparation course to review and refresh all dive theory and skills that must be mastered during the IDC. We review Physics, Physiology, Skills and Environment, the Recreational Dive Planner and Equipment; and all the 24 Scuba and skin-diving skills circuit from the PADI Divemaster Course. We remediate as necessary, as we know from experience that IDC candidates might want to refresh or refine these skills.

Professional IDC PADI Dive Training

After the prep course, our IDC begins with the Instructor Development Course Orientation, paperwork and breakfast together to socialize and meet each other. However serious the course, we think diving as a scuba instructor should be fun and enjoyable. Therefore our IDC is relaxed, personal and stress-free. We train you to prepare and perform academic, confined and open water presentations consistent with the PADI IDC guidelines, performance requirements and standards.

The PADI IDC consists of two parts:

  • Assistant Instructor (AI) Program, duration 4 days.
  • Open Water Scuba Instructor Program (OWSI), duration 5 days. Day 10 is dedicated to the EFR Instructor Course.

EXTRA Workshop by our Dive Operations Manager

Buddy Dive Resort has been recognized as one of the most active and successful dive operations worldwide. Therefore, we believe that using our experience with the everyday logistics in our dive operation to teach this important component in our PADI Instructor Development Course will prepare our candidates to interact with diving activities and management in real life. With dive operations for: Dive shops, Dive Centers and Diving Resorts, it will be a very valuable tool for their employability and development in the diving industry.

PADI IDC at the best Diving Resort of Bonaire

Become a PADI professional in the Caribbean while diving at the best Diving Resort of Bonaire. Buddy Dive Academy gives you the best possible professional Dive Training and education. We inserted the most effective tools in our PADI IDC package to exponentially increase your professionalism and employability in the dive industry:

  • Free IDC Preparation Course.
  • Free PADI Enrich Air Nitrox Diver Course (if required).
  • Free PADI Enrich Air Nitrox Instructor Course.
  • Free week of On Hand teaching PADI Courses with our experienced PADI Instructional Staff.
  • Free online counseling and tutoring with our Course Director to help you with the 5 theory segments 2 weeks prior to your arrival.
  • Free Equipment rental.
  • Free Job placement, we will help you find the job of your dreams in Bonaire, other islands in the Caribbean or anywhere else in the world.